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Axiostat Stop Bleeding Dressing 


Product details:


Major Injury Dressing, Surgical Dressing,

Minor Injury Dressing, Strains & Sprains Dressing


Product description:

Axiostat® Industries variant L88, M85, S55 is designed to be used in Different conditions and comes in camouflaged, rugged metal pouch packing for easy carrying.

Composition: It is 100% Chitosan.

Mechanism of Action: It works on ACT (Axio Clotting Technology) where positively charged Axiostat creates a bond with negatively charged blood cells.


Axiostat® is a sterile, single use, non-absorbable haemostatic dressing intended to be used for temporary control of bleeding wounds. Axiostat® stops moderate to severe bleeding due to cuts, abrasions, lacerations, venous or arterial bleeding.



  • Scalp & Limb Cuts, lacerations, avulsions
  • Neck and Head Trauma
  • Gunshot wounds
  • Puncture or stab wounds

Each year, we lose more and more soldiers on the battlefield. 75% of causalities occurring in combat are associated with explosive fragmentation and gunshot wounds.



L88: 8cm X 8cm

M85: 8cm X 5cm

S55: 5cm X 5cm

Sterility Sterilized using Gamma Irradiation
Composition Chitosan – 100% Shelf Life 3 Years
Indications Stops severe bleeding Approval CE Approved
Mechanism Mucoadhesion due to charge Use Single-use
Material Positively charged, Reacts Actively Removal Irrigate with Saline
Type Sponge, Natural Polymer Side Effects None
Flexibility Very Flexible, both sides active Implant No

Axiostat® Medical Dressing is currently used by Defense Forces, Paramilitary Forces & Army across India, Middle East and Europe.

it is capable of being folded and stuffed into deep wounds.

About Axiostat

Axio is a Medtech company focused on Advanced Wound Care products. The product, Axiostat is an award-winning haemostatic dressing that stops severe bleeding within minutes. 
Axio has the distinction to be the first company from India to design, develop and commercialize an Emergency Haemostat for Trauma care. Vision of Axio is to develop affordable, high impact medical products that can solve unmet healthcare needs of emerging markets.
Axiostat® is its flagship product developed to reduce the mortality due to traumatic bleeding. It is a haemostatic dressing composed of 100% Chitosan and stops profuse bleeding within few minutes of application. We supply our products in various markets like Emergency & Trauma, Military Aid, Cathlab procedures and Dental market.
Axiostat is CE approved. We export our products in Europe.
Axio is a ISO 13485 certified company with an experienced team focused on bringing high-impact medical products to market.
Know more about us at : wwwdotaxiobiodotcom




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