Study MBBS in Philippines

Philippines offers different abroad instruction choices for remote understudies intrigued by English courses, Pilot preparing and MBBS/MD/Medical related courses. Philippines being American Colony for a long time, acquires its training framework from United States, MBBS degree granted by Philippines therapeutic colleges is called MD (Doctor in Medicine) rather than MBBS. More than 10000 outside understudies from different nations enlist in Philippines colleges consistently on account of its worldwide recognization. In the current past, numerous Indians are looking for MBBS in Philippines rather than Russia, China and Ukraine due to different favorable circumstances.

Getting MBBS affirmation in Philippines for Indian understudies is less aggressive contrasted with Indian MBBS Admission. In the event that white collar class efficient foundation understudy, miss cutoff checks marginally, he or she can't bear the cost of medicinal instruction in India since distinction in expenses amongst govt and administration seat is high. All the more Importantly, gift for private MBBS school situate go from 50 lakhs to more than one crore. Due to this enormous cost, Indian white collar class family can't manage the cost of medicinal instruction in India.

This colleges prescribes our understudies to contemplate MBBS in Philippines not on account of the way that educational cost charges and everyday costs in Philippines is much moderate. It is a direct result of the nature of therapeutic training offered by colleges in Philippines. One among ten doctors in USA moved on from Philippines restorative college.


Syllabus For Pre-Medicine (B.Sc.Biology)
First Term Second Term Third Term Fourth Term
Calculus & Analytical Plant Physiology Ecology Rizal's Life. Works and Writings
Geometry Fundamentals of Genetics Education for Sustainable Econ. / Taxation & Agrarian Reform
Biochemistry Animal Physiology Development Human Genetic
Plat Morpho-anatomy Entomology Research Methodology Radiation Biology
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Freshwater Biology Systematic Biology Histology & Micro-technique
General Psychology General Microbiology Cell & Molecular Biology Research in Bio. Sc (Thesis Writing)
Parasitology Philosophy of Man Comparative Religion Immunology
Evolutionary Biology Developmental Biology Politics & Governance / Phil. Const

Syllabus for 4 year Medical Curriculum leading to MD Degree

First Semester Second Semester First Semester Second Semester First Semester Second Semester Clinical Skills Modules
Gross Anatomy Gross Anatomy Pharmacology Pharmacology Pediatrics UI Pediatrics III Medicine
Histology Histology Microbiology Parasitology Ob-Gyn ID Ob-Gyn Surgery
Physiology Physiology Gen. Pathology Gen. Pathology Surgery III Surgery III Ob-Gynecology
Biochemistry Biochemistry Clin. Pathology Clin. Pathology Medicine III Medicine M Pediatrics
Prim. Health Care Neuro-anatomy Physical Diagnosis Physical Diagnosis Com Med M ENT, Dermatology Comm. Med
Arts & Science of Med Biostatistics Neuroscience II Neuroscience U Legal Medicine Radiology EENT
    Epidemiology Pediatrics II Ophthalmology Med. Ethics Dermatology
    Surgery II Surgery U Neuroscience III Rehab. Med Psychiatry
      Obstetrics II (Neurology) Neuroscience M  


Schedule of Fees

B.S Program First Year 5,75,000/- 4,20,000/-
Doctor of Medicine Second Year 2,50,000/- 1,85,000/-
Third Year 2,50,000/- 1,85,000/-
Fourth Year 2,50,000/- 1,85,000/-
Fifth Year 2,50,000/- 1,85,000/-
Total   15,75,000/-