Welcome to KRUHAD GROUP, The Company is started in 1970 by name of “KRUHAD CORPORATION” with Industrial Engineering  Goods by founder and promoters Mr. Surendrakumar Bhogilal Shah. And now a Company is involved in various kind of business since 1970.


      Establishment of Kruhad Corporation in the Mehsana tire III City. With the many kind of Industrial Engineering Tools, Abrasives, V- Belts, Fasteners, Welding Electrodes all the Product sale throughout in the Gujarat.
         The Kruhad Group has new Expansions in the Manufacturing Industrial Gases, with brand name “Kruhad Airogas” viz., Oxygen and Nitrogen. Its manufacture by M/s Kruhad Airogas Pvt Ltd.
        The Company has developed its further product Ammonia, Argon, Acetylene and Carbon Dioxide for increasing its sale.
      The Company has developed further product Helium, Nitrous Oxide and many tailor-made matures Gases in the it’s areas and selling the whole Gujarat.
         Kruhad Group has developed its new brand “MADHAV KRUHAD” for new business of Foreign Exchange & Tourism  and Kruhad Group started its business on 31
st march 2008 under the M/s. MADHAV KRUHAD FOREX PVT LTD, with the new office in Ahmedabad in the inaugurations on 04 JULY 2008.                       
        The Group Company has stared new business of “PLACEMENT & STAFFING” from 01
st April 2012